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Utilizing the greatest processes, leathers, and materials we are aware of, we painstakingly hand-make each piece. From beginning to end, each move is meticulous and purposeful. From finding the greatest leather on the market across the world to cutting, sewing, painting, and putting it all together. In our studio in Providence, Rhode Island, we specifically aim for excellence rather than efficiency. After all, a large number of clients frequently reflect on their purchase and routinely express to us that they are happier now than they were the day they first received their bag.

We also think that hiring top talent is essential to producing the finest leather goods. Our staff takes care of every stage in-house to produce well-made, well-designed leather items that serve practical purposes and improve and become more uniquely yours with time.

What have we achieved?

We appreciate your support and interest. Your purchases have given us the ability to

Grow Our Team: We have engaged highly skilled artisans who take great satisfaction in producing the Lotuff bags you’ve come to know and love and in performing their best work. Many of our artists use their skills to pursue their creative projects outside the Lotuff studio.

Invest in Our Team: We have been able to raise pay and provide our full-time staff with significant earned time off, life insurance, disability insurance, dental and vision insurance, and 100% paid health insurance coverage.

Enhance Our Artistry: We take the time to perfect the procedure for each new style, and we stand by our lifetime promise.

Product Specifications

The Zipper Credit Card Wallet is the ideal accessory for carrying both cards and cash while being lightweight and small. With two full-length exterior slots that can hold up to 10 cards each and a surprisingly big interior, you won’t have to battle to put all your cards, cash, and receipts in one spot or deal with an unwieldy wallet.

Simple Lotuff credit card wallet with two external compartments that can hold up to 10 cards. Additionally, there is inside space to spare and a zipper closure.

About the item

  • Hand-selected, tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather
  • Hybrid credit card and cash wallet design
  • Two full-length exterior pockets that can fit up to 10 cards
  • Single gusset design provides a surprisingly roomy interior pocket
  • The Interior pocket can fit cards, cash, and receipts
  • Polished and painted edges
  • Solid-brass YKK-Excella zipper
  • Available in black, chestnut, clay, natural, or grey
  • USA

The Lotuff Leather Backpack

Finding the ideal bag can be challenging, especially if you want something that will serve you for the rest of your life and not just in terms of appearance. No matter what kind of attire you’re wearing or where you’re going, your bag should be practical and fashionable enough for daily use. All of this is possible with the Lotuff Leather Backpack without costing a fortune or making you uncomfortable! Let’s examine why everyone can use this simple, timeless leather backpack as their go-to daily carry-all.

The Lotuff Leather Backpack Details

The Lotuff Leather Backpack is made by a family-owned company with over 130 years of experience in leather crafts, and it is intended to serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. These durable backpacks are produced by hand in Portland, Oregon, and are both stylish and long-lasting. They are the ideal accessory for both men and women because they come in eight different colors, making it simple to match your purse with your outfit. Currently on Kickstarter!

Reasons why this bag is perfect for your commute

The Lotuff is the ideal option if you’re looking for a backpack that will be your only bag. Only four compartments make up this minimalist bag, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a big pack while carrying your wallet, phone, keys, pens, and pencils, among other items you need during the day.

Its straightforward design goes well with the majority of your outfits. If your style leans toward the more relaxed end of the spectrum, you can keep it formal or rock it casually.

Because it is made entirely of leather and can be washed with water or leather cleaning (don’t use solvents), it is one of the easiest leather backpacks to maintain.

Reasons why this is perfect for a weekend getaway

It can be difficult to choose the ideal EDC bag. For those who prefer to be mobile and compact, such as urbanites and students, a large backpack with a laptop compartment may seem like a sensible option. However, for these people, it is simply not worth carrying around. The response? A leather backpack in your ideal size that can accommodate all of your travel essentials. The Lotuff enters the picture here.

Each of the bags, which come in four hues (chocolate brown, black, whiskey cognac, and deep blue), is made of leather that feels as wonderful as it looks and can sustain daily use without losing its charm.

Three Arguments for Choosing Us

Premium Quality – This is an investment for any man and is made from the best vegetable-tanned leather.

Suitable for Any Day – This bag can hold all of your necessities without seeming heavy or feeling uncomfortable on your person, whether you’re going to work or are just exploring the city.

As Durable as They Come – You’ll love how long-lasting and durable this premium bag is, thanks to the use of premium components like YKK zippers and back-cut stitching that runs parallel to the seams in opposite directions.

Zip-top briefcase Lotuff

Understanding the Lotuff Zip Top Briefcase in Detail

It might be difficult to find the ideal briefcase, particularly if you don’t know where to look or what to look for. There are many different styles and dimensions of these bags, but few things are more crucial than choosing the one that will best serve your needs and make you delighted with your purchase. Take a look at the Lotuff Zip Top Briefcase for an illustration of this. This bag contains every function you could want, plus a few extras, making it very difficult to say no to it. Discover more details about this bag here!

The way the thing is made

Pockets on the interior and outside make it simple to carry what you need, while Lotuff’s renowned stitching and rivets keep everything in place. The bag is made of sturdy 16-ounce full-grain leather that is 100% natural and unfinished. As the leather ages, it will acquire a distinctive patina of its own. Even when wearing gloves or mittens, metal zippers make opening and closing simple. Two internal pockets provide easy access to your smartphone and other small goods, and an open pocket protects your belongings from pickpockets. Along with a zipper pocket for valuables or keys, the compartment also has an adjustable divider so you may customize the inner room of the bag to fit your belongings.

The Leather

The family-owned Lotuff Leather Goods Company was established in 2007 and has a long history of creating high-quality leather products. Anyone seeking for a high-quality carryall should consider them because of their heritage, legacy, and attention to detail. They began with just two patterns and three colors, and today their portfolio includes more than 80 products.

Their reputation for superior artisanal craftsmanship, dependability, durability and exceptional customer service has propelled them to the top of the industry for producing high-quality leather items for all types of clients. The majority of The Lotuff Leather Goods Company’s product line is constructed from locally processed, vegetable-tanned leather using imported hair sheepskins that are only supplied from Australia or New Zealand.

Where it’s made

Every Lotuff bag is handmade in Dallas, Texas. The company started back in 2002 with one person and a single product—the briefcase. Founder Aaron Coe wanted to create a functional and versatile carryall that would last for generations. There are over 15 styles of handbags now, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they’re all made by hand. A Made-in-America label isn’t just about being patriotic; it means someone cares about every little detail on each bag, down to the smallest stitch.

Materials and texture

This dark brown leather bag has a sturdy design, but the front appears to have been scraped with a knife. Then there are those delicate, light-colored stitches that exhibit skilled craftsmanship. We can see excellently tanned leather on the back. Although it might not be suitable for everyone, if you’re looking for a special bag for your everyday commute or your upcoming important meeting and you want something durable for the long haul, I suggest taking a look at this briefcase by Lotuff.

Characteristics of the product

This briefcase has a laid-back appearance that fits in with all kinds of business settings and some personal time. You may travel hands-free and in comfort and style all day thanks to the shoulder strap.

When there is nothing within, the flap snaps shut to stop anything from spilling out. You may always have your hand’s free thanks to the two pockets on each side of the bag for cell phones or other small goods. The interior features buttery-soft leather that provides an attractive appearance without losing functionality. There is a place for all of your electronics at last! Tablets and laptops may both fit in a sizable back pocket. Even the backpack has a USB connector that prevents devices from losing data.

What accouterments you can match it with

A little cross-body purse or tote will go well with this briefcase as well as a backpack. In case of rain, a chic umbrella is usually a wonderful choice. For bright days, chapstick and sunglasses are also essential. And if you’re using public transportation, you might want to have your phone’s charger close to reach.

Advantages and advice about the product

This briefcase’s durability is what immediately draws attention to it. It has a fairly sturdy handle with reinforced stitching at the top and two shoulder straps so you can carry it on your back or over your shoulder. Additionally, it has strong leather handles and rivets to make sure the bag lasts for a very long time. Additionally, all of the materials are obtained from within 100 miles of their Maine facility.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The purpose of Lotuff bags is to be used and loved. Here’s how to take care of your item so you can use it for many years to come:

Cleaning is easy, but maintaining your bag regularly will increase its lifespan. For light filth and soil, use a damp cloth with a mild cleaner, such as dish soap or warm water. Use a foam cleaner or cream-based soap for thorough cleanings on tougher stains.

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Do you need a branded wallet you can trust? Check out this post “Lotuff Leather Zipper Wallet Review/Assessment“. Also see the benefits, cons, and cost of the wallet.

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