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Favorite Pocket Scarf

Why We Like It: It has a useful pocket and a soft ribbed pattern, and it is accredited to the responsible wool standard.

We can only picture how excited you will be with the extra-large pocket included in this Everlane design if you ever believed that adding pockets to dresses was a groundbreaking idea. You will be able to do without carrying a purse since you have so much storage capacity. Even better, the wool used in the scarf, which accounts for more than half of its ingredients, is responsible wool standard-certified, meaning its farmers follow ethical and sustainable procurement procedures.

At Everlane, we want making the best decision to be as simple as slipping on a stylish T-shirt.

We collaborate with the greatest, moral factories in the world because of this. Only the best materials should be used. And I’ll tell you all those tales, right down to what each of our products really costs. It’s a novel method of operating. It’s what we mean by radical transparency.

Our Factories

Our moral strategy.

The top factories in the world—the ones that create your top designer labels—are ones we spend months locating. We often go there and develop close bonds with the proprietors. A compliance audit is conducted on each plant to assess elements such as environment, fair salaries, and suitable hours. Our intention?

A rating of 90 or above for each factory.

An image was taken in our LA factory. Every Black Friday, we give away our revenues to help the workers at our factories. Find out more about our newest Black Friday Fund project.


Produced to last.

Trends are not a significant deal at Everlane. We want you to continue wearing our creations for many years or perhaps decades. Because of this, we only use the best manufacturers and materials to create our classic items, such as our Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Italian shoes, and Peruvian Pima shirts.

Our Charge

Extreme transparency

We think it’s important for our consumers to understand how much it costs to produce their garments. We provide all of our items to you without the customary retail markup after disclosing the actual expenses associated with them, including materials, labor, and shipment.

Item Details


Your warmest scarf to date. The Cozy-Stretch Pocket Scarf is straightforward, comfortable, and has a useful pocket for holding your belongings. What’s best? It is soft and elastic due to its quality composition of ethically sourced wool, recycled nylon, yak, and a little amount of spandex (hence the name). A remarkable level of durability and enhanced comfort is made possible by this combination.

Could we say more? The Responsible Wool Standard, which guarantees the well-being of the sheep and the area they graze on, has verified the wool used in this scarf.

Lantern bag by Everlane

Regardless of the circumstance, the Everlane Lantern Bag is a great daily item. This spacious bag can hold everything you require regularly and was produced with 100% superior waxed canvas and 100% waterproof zippers.

Its two-strap design allows you to use it as a backpack or messenger bag with detachable shoulder straps, and the top handle makes it simple to carry as a crossbody purse or compact satchel. You won’t ever need to rummage through your purse again if you have an Everlane Lantern Bag; simply take your go-to bag! Today, add this practical bag to your shopping basket!

Regarding the Product

A collection of bags created by Everlane are fashionable, useful, and produced with materials that have been ethically sourced. The classic lantern bag from the company has become a mainstay in the lives of workers who lead active lifestyles due to its versatility. This robust bag not only boasts durability and a ton of compartments to keep your daily essentials organized, but, it also has stylish accents like tanned leather handles and a leather strap that make it simple to go from work to play without missing a beat.

The new spring collection, which is offered in four distinct shapes and two sizes, has two new hues (burgundy or grey), one of which is exclusive to Dukes Famously Luxe.

Product Information and Specifications

Are you weary of carrying a heavy work bag all day? It may not be essential to take a huge handbag to the workplace, and carrying one on your shoulder throughout the trip may get tiring. There’s a remedy in between both, however. It’s a fantastic size and can be carried in a variety of ways, including crossbody, over the shoulder, as a purse, and wrapped like a messenger bag. When you’re on a budget, it may also serve as a diaper bag or an overnight bag. There are five various sizes available, as you can see below, depending on your demands.

Attributes of the Products

The lantern bag has a lot of advantages. It may be carried as a tote, clutch, cross-body bag, or even a shoulder bag! The cool thing about this specific bag type is how many various ways it can be worn. Additionally, there are so many lovely options that you’re likely to discover one that appeals to your sense of style. This handbag collection is available in several colors, sizes (both standard and tiny), and forms, all with the same premium craftsmanship and attractiveness as previously. Because of their environmentally friendly qualities, all of the bags are still ecologically concerned. You won’t be charged any further costs upon getting your item since we provide free delivery on all transactions over $50.

Advice and advantages of this product

The Lantern, Everlane’s newest bag, has already generated buzz in the fashion and leisure industries. However, it’s not simply a gorgeous face. This bag is both useful and fashionable. It may be carried on your arm as a clutch, over your shoulder, or crossbody. This practical bag features a ton of compartments in addition to being stylish and functional. There is an internal zipper pocket for your phone or keys, 2 open front pockets with a magnetic closing, 4 pen slots on the front, and an additional one inside. Even an ID window is present.

Why you’ll always use this bag

Do you struggle to choose the correct bag? The new light bag from Everlite could provide the solution. With several inside compartments to keep you sorted while you’re on the road, this hand-cut, a leather-trimmed accessory is both stylish and practical.

The adjustable leather strap will guarantee a great fit whether you’re slinging it over your shoulder or holding it by hand. What is the finest feature of this chic bag? Shop right away to discover one that suits your style since no two are similar!

Who is it intended for?

The versatility of this bag appeals to both men and women of all ages. When necessary, it fits effortlessly on your back and doesn’t take up much room, however, if you wish to highlight the bag’s real elegance, you may carry it as a messenger bag across your body. It’s excellent for doing runs around town or making a fast trip to the supermarket. Additionally, it may be transformed into a wearable lantern at night that emits enough light to illuminate a whole sidewalk. Reading at night is made simpler by the robust strap holding the casing open like a book. Never again will you have to bother about losing your flashlight!

This backpack would be ideal for outdoor activities such as board games in the backyard, mountain treks, and camping vacations. This sturdy and adaptable item offers many options.

Reasons to purchase this bag

Everyone has accomplished it once again by introducing yet another gorgeous, high-quality product. The fashionable and useful lantern bag will not let you down this time. This casual backpack may be used for a variety of activities, such as a day at the beach or a mountain hike. This Everlane option can be ideal if you want a bag that is reasonably priced without sacrificing design. No two bags are the same due to the variety of colors and patterns available, so everyone can let their sense of style come through while selecting this great bag! It also includes a water-resistant covering so that a sudden downpour won’t ruin your outdoor experiences or soak your possessions.

How to use this bag as a daily, work, and travel bag

The sturdy and well-made Everlane lantern bag has countless uses and fits well in almost any circumstance. It’s a great daily handbag that’s stylish, lightweight, and has an adjustable strap that makes carrying it easy no matter how much luggage you’re hauling. Since it is so light, you won’t be subjected to the dreadful overage costs on top of your aircraft ticket whether using this tote as a carry-on while traveling or as a gift for someone who lives abroad. Eventually, this will work and appear more costly than it is if you’re heading out after work and want something stylish to put over your clothing!

Customer testimonials

In addition to the color, the bag’s thinness and lack of bulk are its best features. I like how the pockets can hold many items without protruding.

Both the pricing and the quality were excellent. The leather feels and looks quite luxurious.

My daughter loves the item I purchased for her as a present. I would suggest this to anybody looking for a compact, fashionable bag with sufficient space to carry their essentials. Additionally, it is quite durable since it is constructed of full-grain leather.

This bag is also suitable for carrying a laptop and serving as an overnight bag.

Cozy-Stretch Pullover from Everlane

You could have just discovered the ideal sweater for the fall if you’re shopping for one. The Everlane Cozy-Stretch Pullover is substantial enough to stave off the cold when worn alone yet light enough to layer beneath your favorite winter coat. Additionally, it features a ribbed, soft collar, and cuffs that keep the warmth in and the cold out, making it simple to take on and off without ever needing to undo your buttons.

Although this pullover is expensive, you will enjoy having it in your wardrobe year after year.

The Product’s Overview

An important piece that may be worn in the autumn, winter, and spring is a pullover. Some individuals prefer to buy many different coats to suit their various demands, however, a pullover will give you more use it.

This 100% polyester Everlane cozies-stretch pullover is designed for simple maintenance and a warm, stretchy fit. When fully zipped, the high neck offers warmth without irritating your chin and chest. Rich camel, cream, and navy blue are the hues that are offered. Wear this sweater as a base layer with jeans or tights, or layer it with your best-loved leggings for an all-over toasty look. With this piece’s versatility, you’ll adore it!

Information and Specifications of the Product

The pullover is a key piece of clothing because of its reputation for great quality and open price. made of four distinct materials: organic cotton, a lightweight cotton mix, a machine-washable wool blend, and quilted polyester lining. We like how this item may be worn as a complete ensemble when paired with lace-up flats in black.

When it’s chilly outdoors, adding our CozyStretch Pullover to your rotation of clothes is a simple way to upgrade your look. You may pair this stylish item with a variety of your top attire! For work, wear it with a leather skirt or formal pants and heels. For a date night, wear it with jeans, boots, and a leather jacket. This season, it’ll become one of your go-to items!

Specifications of the Item

  1. It is constructed from a unique knit fabric that stretches without losing form.
  2. You may wear the casual style practically everywhere and it is comfy to wear all day.
  3. According to what you pair it with, this sweater’s classic, elegant design may be dressed up or down.
  4. This is one of the greatest sweaters you will ever own and it just costs $65!
  5. It features 3/4 length sleeves, which are ideal for covering your arms whilst wearing anything delicate or attractive on top since they will reveal less than full-length sleeves would; and
  6. You could be wondering I have no clue how I’m going to pull off donning brown when you peek at this product. Wait till you see how adaptable this hue is, however!

Brown may be incorporated into your wardrobe in a variety of ways, including via shoes, jewelry, scarves, and coats. When coupled with more neutral hues like black or gray, brown gives everything an impression of luxury and wealth. And who wouldn’t want to look amazing, let’s face it?

We often purchase clothing without stopping to consider whether or not we will wear it regularly. You don’t want to spend money on something that first appears nice but ends up falling apart after a couple of washes.

Advantages of this Product

This item should be a mainstay in every woman’s closet. It looks greatly layered over both long and short sleeves, is comfy, and goes well with denim jeans and boots. But despite its straightforward appearance, this pullover is boosted by its adaptable simplicity. The comfy adaptability of this pullover ensures that your options are always covered whether you go to your wardrobe to get dressed up or down. The material is delicate, yet not excessively so, and it washes nicely. Since it looks greatly layered over a long sleeve shirt during the cooler months, you can wear it all year round.

Simple Style Advice

This pullover features an asymmetrical hemline and a complete lining. This gives it a lovely, feminine appearance that suits all body types. The fact that they are only offered in black and light gray is the sole drawback. Because it is so effective at keeping you warm and comfy, this design would be ideal for any sort of weather. To eliminate any sizing concerns, it is also available in diminutive sizes. This pullover is now available on the Everlane website and in your neighborhood Nordstrom Rack!

How To Style This Fashionable Item

Since Everlane strives to treat its clients fairly and ethically, I was pleased to see this sweatshirt on their website. It’s reasonably priced for a piece that I consider to be opulent and that flows well from day to night. You don’t necessarily have to keep to neutrals, and the colors are rich. You may personalize it by choosing the right jewelry. This pullover is very easy to pack since it doesn’t wrinkle readily.

I wear this sweater constantly since I haven’t yet discovered anything I dislike about it and it’s also really comfortable.

What it Does

It has eventually chosen to launch its first physical shop after operating only online for the last 5 years. A block away from well-known shop H&M, Everlane’s new site is on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California.

With a model wearing every item for that season that is both in-store and online-only, Everlane’s trademark Radical Transparency is evident across the whole area. Additionally, their Made Wrong Policy ensures that if a garment is ruined upon arrival or breaks apart while being worn, they will repair or replace it.

Customer feedback

This sweater is of the highest quality and is quite cozy. According to size, it fits. The color matches the image precisely. When I initially wore it, I got plenty of positive feedback. This is an excellent sweater if you want something warm and comfortable.

I like this sweater so much! Exceptionally plush, stretchable, and soft! Perfect fit!

I informed a buddy, and she just acquired one as well! #loveit leaves me feeling like I’m curled up by a fire on a chilly winter night.

I’m so pleased with my buy, omg! I just placed my first purchase from Everlane, and I adore it! Even though I normally wear an S, I purchased a size M according to the reviews.

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